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Registries Overview

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Overview of HIS Registries


Adopted HIS Registries

Registry of Geography (ROG)

The geopolitical entities of the world

  • Code for Country (ROG); a code in this code set represents countries

Registry of Languages (ROL): ISO 639-3

Languages of the world

  • Code for Language (ROL); a code in this code set represents a distinct human language.
  • It also contains a name and country index to support retrieval of language codes by alternate language names and countries where spoken.

Registry of Peoples (ROP)

Ethnolinguistic people groups of the world

  • Code for People Group [ROP]. A code in this code set represents an ethnolinguistic people group.
  • Includes supplementary tables that indicate countries where these groups live, languages they speak, and religions they practice.

Registry of Ministry Resources (RMR)

Standardized codes for classifying resources used in ministry with respect to scope of scripture, type of scripture material, nature of content, mode of expression, and format of delivery.

Registry of Dialects (ROD)

The function of the Registry of Dialects (ROD) is to:

o   Identify specific varieties of given languages (defined by ISO 639-3) that research has determined to require distinct presentations (such as audio, video or print) in order to overcome barriers of understanding or acceptance. Determining factors may include differences in vocabulary, grammatical construction, idioms, and marked accents, as well as religious or social barriers.

o   Provide unique, standardized codes for these dialects


Other Registries:

Registry of Religions (ROR)

Registry of Ministry Agencies (RMA)